“I’m always tired” – Life as a student, a woman and a carer

CW: discussions of suicide, addiction, and mental illness.

In these interviews, I sat down with some women at the ANU and tried to explore the difficulties they face in navigating life as a woman and as a carer. I want to acknowledge that the positions these women occupy, often on the margins, can be incredibly hard and taxing, but also incredibly diverse. Gender, culture, language and class all influence the way in which we care.

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Queer* Dating Made Easy: The Hottest New Dating Spots Where You Can Actually Hold Hands Without Getting Stared At

Oh, my, my, my! There has never been a better time for queer* couples in our nation’s capital looking for romantic date spots.  From the whole of Braddon to selective parts of Civic, Fyshwick and greater Canberra, queer* couples everywhere can now comfortably take their pick of almost all of Canberra’s favourite rendezvous hotspots.

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