MyHealth Memories

The doctor doesn’t eye me suspiciously before printing the prescriptions like I expected he would; he just flat-out refuses while staring at the screen. He says he wants a letter from my previous GP. How do I explain that I don’t have a GP? How can I detail my thirteen-year career as a consumer of mental health service – from Canberra to Newcastle, Sydney to Cooma, and back to Canberra.

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She’s been cast aside for a Daniel, a Darren, or a David and she listens silently as the panel tells her how close she was before eventually deciding she was ‘too good’ where they had her. They will be looking again in 6 months, but she can’t give six more months. All she can think about is her fifteen minutes, the only reason she works so hard. She imagines what could give her life meaning without it, if she wasn’t measured in accolades and transient successes.

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