Produced on Ngunnawal and Ngambri land.

By women-identifying, femme-aligned, non-binary and genderqueer* folk.

About everything, for everyone.

Bossy is ANU’s feminist publication, with online and print platforms, which strives to empower contributors and educate the community.

Bossy was founded in 2015 as a branch of the ANU Women’s Department.

We accept submissions from women-identifying, femme-aligned, non-binary and genderqueer* people who are ANU students, staff members and alumni.

Though Bossy only accepts submissions from a select contributor base, we produce content for everyone. We publish content about everything (you would be surprised) in all the styles you could imagine: reviews, poetry, long-form fiction, interviews, memoirs, satire, open letters, opinion pieces and visuals galore.

When sourcing content, however, we always have the following aims in sight.

  • To publish content that is different, interesting and relevant for all our readers.
  • To advocate for gender equity. 
  • To educate as many people we can about intersectionality and intersectional feminism.
  • To remove the stigma that has become attached to the word feminism.
  • To shed light on the realities that marginalised members of our community face each and every day, especially those who are Indigenous, disabled, TISGD, internationally-based or people of colour.
  • To create a space where our contributors can speak loudly, proudly and without apology.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. The form below links to our email account: anubossymag@gmail.com.

You can also get in touch with us through the Bossy Facebook page.

More information about the ANU Women’s Department can be found on the ANUWD website and Facebook page.

Both ANUSA and PARSA have elected Women’s Officers. You can contact Holly, the ANUSA Women’s officer, by email, and Nathalie, the PARSA Women’s Officer, by email as well.