Bite-Sized Thesis Project

Just as the movement towards gender equity and a society free of -isms has and will be a long journey, each individual’s feminist journey could be represented by a long road with many speedbumps and milestones.

The content that Bossy produces and publishes, therefore, must cater for and be interesting to humans at all points of their lengthy feminist journeys. Put simply, Bossy needs to appeal to all women-identifying, non-binary, femme-aligned and genderqueer* people; whether they do not identify as a feminist, have just developed an interest in feminism, or have been involved with feminism for years, Bossy should be for them.

We believe that if we are to engage with such a diverse group of people, we need postgraduate and honours students writing their theses on gender and/or sexuality to write for Bossy and share their insights.

Thus, in semester two 2017, Bossy will be launching a bite-sized thesis project.

Postgraduate and honours students conducting research on/relating to gender and/or sexuality are invited to nominate themselves for the project. If successful, they will be asked to produce a 1500 – 2000-word version of their thesis to be published by Bossy.

Note: Your bite-sized thesis topic doesn’t have to be exactly the same as your thesis topic. Theses, by definition, are huge beasts and we do not expect that you could condense all of your work into 1500 – 2000 words. (It would actually be pretty rude if we implied that.) If there is a part of your research that really interests you, or that you think would really interest Bossy readers, then pitch that aspect of your thesis as the foundation of your bite-sized thesis.

The selection of nominees will be based on a set criteria, which can be found below.

Participants will be remunerated $200 for their bite-sized thesis.

This project would not be possible without the funding and support of the ANU Gender Institute.


Nominations for the bite-sized thesis project will be assessed on the following criteria:

  1. The thesis topic is related to gender and/or sexuality.
  2. The bite-sized thesis pitch is relevant to the ANU community.
  3. The bite-sized thesis pitch is accessible to undergraduate and postgraduate students with no prior knowledge on the topic.
  4. The bite-sized thesis will contribute to the feminist discussion.

In addition, nominees must be:

  1. An honours or postgraduate student at the ANU.
  2. Woman-identifying, femme-aligned, genderqueer* or non-binary.


  1. Submit pitch for your bite-sized thesis here.
  2. Editor-in-chief contacts nominees with an outcome.
  3. If successful, the nominee will be invited to begin writing.
  4. The nominee will be encouraged to send drafts or questions to the editor-in-chief throughout the writing process.
  5. The editor-in-chief copy-edits the final copy of the bite-sized thesis according to the Bossy style guide.
  6. With final approval from the writer, the piece is published on the Bossy website and/or in the Bossy annual magazine. The piece will also be shared on the Bossy Facebook page and possibly republished by the ANU Gender Institute.


Any questions can be directed to Bossy’s editor-in-chief Bronte McHenry at