Confessions of a Nanny

“Openly talking about the financial strain of childcare and implying that your nanny and her absurd monetary demands are directly contributing to said strain is an unfair stress to level on an employee — you wouldn’t bully a plumber or an electrician to provide free or cheap labour because renovation is expensive.” 

The Anger of a Powerless Creature

“While anger and sadness are certainly not polarising, I believe that anger typically emerges when you attribute the cause of an unfair, unjust or simply unideal situation that occurs to an external source: the world, a person, or a context. I believe that there is an overwhelming anger to always feeling powerless; as a child, as a woman, as a person of colour and as a disabled person.”

Girl Meets Physics

“Popular culture would have you believe that to study science, let alone physics, you must possess a specific set of character traits. For the most part, these stereotypes mean the ideal prospective science student is anti-social, computer-like and nerdish beyond comprehension.”

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