The Bossy Team

Bossy is run entirely by women and non-binary students of the ANU. Our content is written for ANU students, as well as the wider Canberra community. Any woman or non-binary ANU staff, student, or alumnus may contribute written or visual content to the magazine, and any woman or non-binary ANU undergraduate or postgraduate student may apply to be an editor or sub-editor.

Editorial Team

Editor-in-Chief: Cinnamone Winchester
Content Editor: Alisha Nagle
Design Editor: Hengjia Liu
Art Editor: Harriet Sherlock
Senior Content Sub-Editor: Imogen McDonald
Senior Content Sub-Editor: Aurora Muir
Senior Design Sub-Editor: TBA

Sub-Editor Team

Creative Sub-Editor: Mahisha Sathialingham
Interview Sub-Editor: Christie Winn
Memoir Sub-Editor: Sophie Aitken
Opinion Sub-Editor: Adhina Jose
Opinion Sub-Editor: June Lee
Review Sub-Editor: Jane Wicks
Review Sub-Editor: Olivia Gill
Satire Sub-Editor: Lucy Sorensen

Design Sub-Editor: Abreshmi Chowdhury
Design Sub-Editor: Simi Rao
Design Sub-Editor: Bella Hailes-Bradley