She stalks him in the deep of the night

Walks the battered footpaths inscribed with forgotten teenage love affairs,

plastered in blood and broken glass, strewn like shattered dreams gently cajoled to

the surface, gently ebbing like sad memories of disillusionment and slit wrists, and

past the streets defaced with the depressing haikus of a fucked up people


She watches as the dilapidated houses sway side to side, as if they were held

together with double sided sticky tape, and takes special note of the neon signs

advertising ‘Girls!Girls!Girls!’

And she waits patiently for him

Deftly moves back and forth from place to place, weaving the delicate cadence of the

illusion of movement, but she never really goes anywhere

Because time is nothing to her

She could wait for an eternity

She could go on like this forever if she wanted to

Forever and ever, and ever

Round and around and around


While she waits she kisses all of the other boys and makes them cry, and briefly

takes them away from their lives of chagrin and little consequence

For a moment, she makes them happy

For some time, there is no more self-deprecation, flagellation and masturbation

But eventually even the sun sets in paradise

And then they are back to drowning in their reservoirs of shit


She sets a devious trap




Until he blindly stumbles in


Then she pounces

Devours him whole

Gently and irrevocably

She envelops his whole body in her noxious saliva


He does not fight it because he enjoys it

She has convinced him that it is fun:

Carefully coloured her own need with desire–

–convinced him that he was everything she ever wanted and that she was

everything he will ever need

She deprives him of all life

Slowly sucks it out

Only stopping when nothing remains

And he is a dead, shrivelled up heap of oblivion



Staring at his lifeless body, she smiles to herself


She picks up the menu


And moves on