The Walk Back and Two Wishes

Photography by Chanel Irvine


my big


was ripped (off)

but i don’t know that

yet. (it feels fine)

my blundstone still


everything ankle down;

i don’t have to

worry about that

right now.


the music I just

escaped — continues on

in my head,

but with

a different rhythm

I guess that’s why

I left.


it doesn’t matter that tomorrow will be


achingly serious thoughts tie-dyed with

confused pain in places

i know (I KNOW) have heeled.

i can sleep between now, and then.


chilled-clip-cloppingly stiff i keep passing houses asleep for hours

children who will grow up to be (me?)


good luck.

for a second, amid the furious, i wish i didn’t smell like now; like your second-hand smoke.

i wish our kettle wasn’t broken.


BUT upon it all; here is my




(my mum’s

eyebrows, but that’s not important now)


and until forever

i will have


these things.


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