Sapphic Silencing

Drawing by Holly Jones

I am tired of your (not-so) implicit requests for proof;

demanding me to explain myself with your





My sexuality is not a university research paper, requiring citations in Chicago Style format;

  1. Anonymous, “Fell in Love with Best Friend,” Even Though I Knew She was Straight 3, no. 12 (Summer 2015).
  2. Anonymous, “Countless String of Crushes and Flings,” That You Never Took Seriously 1, 8 (2016).
  3. Anonymous, Do You Want Me to Tell You About the Women in My Bed?, (Canberra: It Didn’t Seem Appropriate to Tell My Mother, 2017).
  4. Anonymous, How Many Times Do I Have to Say I’m Bi?, (Canberra: You Will Never Believe Me Unless I Marry a Woman, 2018).

You do not deserve my justification.

I should not have to spread the history

between my legs

like a journal publication

for you to agree with me.

You are not my validation.