The ANU Women’s Department in 2017

Letter from the 2017 ANUSA women’s officer Holly Zhang There’s nothing quite like the clarity of hindsight to give one a broader perspective on things. Reflecting on my term, I can almost see the contours of the (often stormy) seasons that we went through, and feel the overlapping waves of women advocates who have carried, […]

Get to Know Your 2018 Women’s Officer

Name: Laura Perkov  Pronouns: I’m a cis woman and I use she/her/hers pronouns. Study: I’m heading into my fourth year of law/arts (anthropology). Home: I currently live in Kaleen, Canberra – but hail from Liverpool in Sydney’s south-west. Languages: English and some (very bad) Croatian. Favourite word: “legit”. Favourite colour: all shades of blue. Favourite genre of movie: science-fiction and romantic […]

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