We Need Moore: An Interview with Mimir Art

If you’ve caught sight of a cool gal rocking Frida Kahlo earrings or celebrating Australian wildlife on her lobes around the capital, you’ve no doubt witnessed the wonderful, wearable art of Mimir Soboslay Moore – founder, artist and brains behind Mimir Art. Armed with a passion for art, ethics, and environmentally friendly fashion, she’s truly a force to be reckoned with. We at Bossy sought to jump onto her positive wavelength with a look into the ways and workings of this local artistic wunderkind.

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Queer* Dating Made Easy: The Hottest New Dating Spots Where You Can Actually Hold Hands Without Getting Stared At

Oh, my, my, my! There has never been a better time for queer* couples in our nation’s capital looking for romantic date spots.  From the whole of Braddon to selective parts of Civic, Fyshwick and greater Canberra, queer* couples everywhere can now comfortably take their pick of almost all of Canberra’s favourite rendezvous hotspots.

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