Why We Need to Talk about Gender-Based Violence on Mother’s Day This Year

I regularly hear from men that their mothers are sacred. That they respect mothers and therefore respect women. That they would do anything to protect their mothers.

But women are victims of a kind of violence that happens regardless of their motherhood status, or anything else. This violence occurs because they are women – and because we have a big problem in this country with gender-based violence.

Ask Bossy

Taylor Swift and Beyoncé are both self-confessed feminists. One has shamed women through her music. The other took her husband back after he cheated on her (also she got Solange to kick Jay in the elevator). So are these women giving feminism a bad name? Or is flawed feminism the norm and we should all accept it?

Interview with the Editors

A few members of the editorial team agreed to sit down for a little chat so you could get to know them better. Join Sumithri Venketasubramanian, Alex Williams, Julia Rheinberger, Joyce Zhang, Lauretta Flack and Bronte McHenry as they chat about their feminist icons, winter comfort foods, layering and what to expect from soon-to-be-available edition three.

Aunty Dusty: An Everyday Feminist Hero

“I first became interested in Aunty Dusty’s feminist story when I discovered she wore a pantsuit to her own wedding, instead of a gown. This one action is what inspired me to conduct this interview, in an attempt to learn more about her life experiences, and the moments that shaped her into the powerful woman she is.”

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