Interview Print 2021

Too Young. Too Woman.

On 5 June 2021, a Facebook update from Sally read, “this is … potentially the hardest [post] I’ve ever written – but I have decided to rescind my decision to stand for election to Lismore City Council.” After weeks of being followed in the street, having rocks thrown through her windows, and daily defamatory posts on social media, the emotional toll of being a young female voice in the community became too much. Sally was very vocal about the harassment and abuse toward her throughout the entirety of her campaign, but the extent of it was largely unexpected.

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Tales of a Sexless Second Year: Abstinence? A Good Thing?

The thing is, if I have sex with a guy and he doesn’t immediately fall in love with me, I’m annoyed. If I have sex with a guy and he does immediately fall in love with me, I’m annoyed. Tell me how I am meant to win here? I realised that this was because I craved the validation of guys telling me: “You’re the only one I can really open up to.” Until I registered the fact that I was only there to make them feel special and solve all their problems.

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Opinion Print 2020

The Pleasure of Baking

I want to feel comfortable in the kitchen and have the ability to cook for others, without feeling like I’m submitting to anti-feminist gender stereotypes. Can society reach a stage where this act is classified as neither feminine nor shameful? Can women reclaim cooking without it becoming a troubling throwback to an age of inequality?

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