In a world where the words themselves have gender
Where quoting deceased people is an agenda
To call out is bossy but silence is weak
You question why women don’t come out and speak
But it adds fuel to a fire that only heats men
You ask me my problem again and again
But the second I talk you complain that it’s needy
I can’t stay in this nightclub, these men are too seedy

I cannot walk home after sunset alone
My voice is called shrill if you don’t like my tone
But God forbid I express my concern
Because in all of my years there is one thing to learn
Men are flawless and always are right
It’s my job to look pretty and be a delight
Hush now my dear, sexism has passed
It was gone with corsets, now don’t look aghast

Women have jobs, true equality has arrived
We cured the disease, just a few symptoms survived
But society itself, my God it is flawless
How could it not be, the patriarchy adores it
We’ve done our job, now don’t say a peep
Leave the thinking to us and get beauty sleep
It’s not your fault, it’s the price of biology
The heroes are men, just look at mythology

Accept your place, it’s what nature intended
This is what equality looks like, all is amended
Focus on your family, your kids, and your spouse
If you want true belonging, get back in the house
It’s fine if I make derogatory comments or slurs
If you point out a flaw I’ll just say it is hers
But all these actions you’ll excuse, I insist
Because labels have power and I’m a feminist