Ask Bossy

Ask Bossy

Graphic by Juliette Baxter

My sleep schedule is all over the place. Do I just resign to staying up until 2am most nights and waking up late even though I feel like I’m missing most of the day, or try to shift my body clock?

If you’re anything like most uni kids these days, you’re not alone. As someone who needs 9 hours of sleep a night to function adequately, I can totally relate. It’s not just about nice smells and comfy PJs (though, those things obviously help). It can often be more related to where your mind/body is at.

Firstly, I’d encourage you to think about what is keeping you up. If it is swirling thoughts in your head, I’d recommend writing them down in a brain dump or creating a quick to-do list for the next day. If you’re having trouble sleeping, get up/walk around/get a drink of water and flip your pillow to the cold side. Keeping devices away from your bed and establishing a wind-down routine can also help. Definitely make sure to check out ‘sleep hygiene’ techniques on the web for more info and see what works for you!

All the best, Eleanor